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Our Mission

Church of GodMost likely you are here because you feel something is missing in your life, your church or your relationship. Maybe you want a further understanding of God or maybe you just stumbled upon this site. Whatever road has brought you here we are glad you have arrived. More and more in the world today the scriptures are twisted to tickle the hearer’s ears or to accomplish whatever goal a particular person is wanting to achieve.

It is getting harder and harder to find a church that is true to the word of God and not filled with doctrinal error. We created this site to get back to the purest form of the Word of God, to try to get away from the carnage of today’s churches and their interpretation of scripture. Are they ALL bad, no but you probably feel it, there is no unity in the church today, there are as many churches as there are beliefs in the world today. The splitting up of churches based on small differences between secondary issues is sinful in its very nature and we for one are tired of it.

Come along with us and take a journey into the truth of the Word. Expand your knowledge of what God wants from us in a relationship. Cast off this life and look forward to the life to come. The more you step into God’s light of truth the more of the path that will be revealed to you. What most people have forgotten is that you are required to seek the face of God for a relationship to exist. If you are ready to stop being a follower of individuals and begin your journey into the word of God I would highly suggest you first visit this page “How to Read Your Bible” to get a basic understanding of how to read the Bible, it is concise, easy and will open your eyes without being told what to believe. Your journey into truth will be a life changing experience if you allow it. May God bless your journey and your life.

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