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Am I going to Hell?

The real question is do you WANT to go to hell? There is a big misconception about what hell is. It is not burning sulfur, skin peeling, demon tormentors, body parts being ripped off, etc etc etc…. The movie industry and even pastors that teach the fire and brimstone Bible have put this misconception of what hell is into the minds of the church since we were of young age. I know, I know but the Bible says! if this is the first thing out of your mount please read and study my post on “How to read your Bible” all of these descriptions are metaphors, they describe what the experience will be like, NOT what the chain of events are. When we say it is raining cats and dogs we are not dodging canines and felines running to our car are we? Same concept applies. We need to read the word of God the way it was intended, keep in mind when an idea is trying to be conveyed you do so by using graphic language that everyone understands to describe a concept that is unknown.

Why is it described in such horrific imagery then? Simple, fact is we were made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) and were were designed to have a relationship with him. Why else would God come to visit Adam and Eve in the cool of the day? (Gen. 3:8). The whole of the bible is a story about the separation of man from God because of sin and God’s plan to restore this relationship through his son Jesus Christ. (1 John 4:10) Being separated from God for all of eternity IS Hell and you will know and understand that fact if you go to hell. We will have the full realization of what we were meant for and what we missed out on with no hope for the situation to change for eternity. To try and put this into corporeal existence we know that a lot of people deal with the death of a loved one by believing that one day they will see them again in the afterlife. What if that was not true? What if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you will never know the existence of your loved one again, never to be reunited, never to reacquire that special link you once had? How much torment would that put upon you every day, every hour of that day? No matter how much time passes no relief is found from that torment. It is this same concept but to a multitude that you cannot comprehend.

The simple fact is we ALL have sinned and ALL fall short in pleasing God. (Romans 3:23) Even if an individual does not want to admit it to themselves, or they want to believe that it does not apply to them it is irrelevant, the truth is the truth the only thing we can do is accept it or deny it but it still exists. It is physics 101, gravity applies to everyone. Does not matter what you believe or how much you believe it, you step off the roof of a building and gravity will be applied every time.

So the answer to “Am I going to Hell?” is up to you. Do you want to go to hell and live eternity separated from the love of God or do you want a relationship with God and spend eternity in Heaven in his presence? If you don’t want to experience everlasting separation from our creator then visit my post “How Do I Get Saved?”


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