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Dems accused of ‘religious bigotry’ for questioning Trump court pick’s Knights of Columbus ties

Dems challenge Trump judicial nominee over Knights of Columbus membership Following questions from multiple Democratic senators over the impartiality of Trump judicial nominee Brian Buescher and his ties to the Knights of Columbus, a charitable Roman Catholic organization, Republicans and various religious leaders hit back Monday against “religious bigotry.”...

Pakistani Christians Killed In Drive-By Shooting

Pakistani Christians Killed In Drive-By Shooting

People mourn the death of a Pakistani Christian who was killed in an attack, in Quetta, April 3, 2018. Pakistani officials say two Christians were killed in a drive-by shooting outside a church in the country’s southwest. The Islamic State (IS) extremist group claimed responsibility for the attack on...

Christians “Slaughtered Like Chicken”

Christians "Slaughtered Like Chicken"

"These draconian laws are being used as a tool for discrimination and forcible conversion every day and the world stays silent. This poor boy will now face a most daunting court case and will lose most of his life in prison…" — Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman, British Pakistani Christian...

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