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The United States is slowly becoming the new Nazi Germany!

This is why history is not taught by democrats and socialists correctly, why they are all inclusive and move to a single conscious of which they believe everyone should belong. What people fail to realize are the events happening in the united States today are the same things the Nazi’s implemented to try to take over the world. The democrats want you to believe that republicans and those who want freedom of choice and beliefs are the Nazi’s but in reality the same ones calling us names are themselves the ones who believe in the same system of government implemented by Germany during those treacherous times. The Nazi party was a socialist movement just like the left-wing democratic party. Make no mistake the new Nazi party is active and well off in our country and they are trying to destroy our rights, freedoms and individuality from within.

Things the democrats desire of our country,

  1. Socialist agenda hidden by less decisive party neutrality.
  2. Everyone must have the same exact belief and values and anyone who doesn’t is charged, hated or ostracized.
  3. Democrats want to remove due process in the name of safety, where does this stop, today it is guns, tomorrow religious beliefs.
  4. Democrats use violence at rallies to disrupt free speech or remove people that do not have the same beliefs they do.
  5. Democrats believe Christianity is dangerous to the freedoms and strength of America
  6. Democrats look to undermine religion while at the same time looking to exploit it.
  7. Democrats want to disarm all of the citizens, except for a select few, so that the government has no resistance to the implementation of their belief systems while doing it under the guise of safety for all.
  8. Anyone who holds a belief that God is greater than government is to be silenced as a dissident.
  9. If you disagree with the government you are a terrorist, hateful or some other evil individual.

Basic Beliefs of the Nazi Party,

  1. Socialist agenda not so much hidden concept.
  2. Everyone had the same belief and background, anyone who didn’t was executed.
  3. Hitler believed in using violence to advance his political objectives and did so recruiting other politicians that believed the same.
  4. Hitler was against Christianity and believed in natural law, not much unlike most Democrats.
  5. Hitler believed that Christian Jews were destroying Europe and his country.
  6. Hitler undermined Christianity and exploited the traits of the Christian at the same time to move his agenda further with satanic success.
  7. The Nazi party disarmed the Jewish of their weapons while allowing those who were part of the party freedom of ownership. (only those THEY felt should have guns could)
  8. The Nazi party used previous gun registries to ferret out those against the regime and eliminate them.
  9. The Nazi party as part of the registration did it under the premise of public safety. (sound familiar)


If you are a Democrat and you truly feel you are doing the right thing, I challenge you to seek the truth of your part in history, study the Nazi party, compare its tactics to your own or that of the Democratic party and if you can still stand the stench of the Democratic vomit they spew then seal your fate as such. If you happen to wake up to reality and understand what is really going on then stand up, be counted, be heard free from the oppression of a the democrats, not as a democrat or a republican but as one who believes in the constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights and the human dignity that our creator has given us, stand up not for a label but as an American, I dare you!

Be prepared all of you whom seek truth in this country, who want to live free from government oppression, those of you whom sit in the shadows and try not to get noticed because they are not coming for you right now, they are not taking my guns you say, they are not taking my rights you say, one day they will and who will be left to fight for your cowardice? Be prepared to fight, for your rights, for your God, for your guns, because one day and that day is fast approaching, they will be there for you.

For you Democrats that wish to take my rights and beliefs, remember you are the “Nazi”, not me and I will hold to my property, guns and my God and you will lose in the end, just as Hitler did.

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